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Modern C++ Concurrency - Synchronizing threads - Condition Variables


In the previous lesson we have seen how data can be protected using mutex. We now know how to make threads do their work concurrently without messing around with shared resources and data. But sometimes we need to synchronize their actions in time, meaning that we might want a thread t1 to wait until a certain condition is true before allowing it to continue its execution.

This lesson discusses the tools that we can use to achieve such behavior efficiently using condition variables.

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Concurrency in Modern C++ - Cumulative sum of a vector using N threads


Modern C++ Concurrency - Cumulative sum of a vector - Part 2

In this tutorial we will continue the exercice we started out in part-1 and we will:

  1. split the work among a number of threads that will be specified by the user via command line
  2. perform some benchmarking to see how our code scales as the number of threads increases. We will compare the execution time of the version of the program running on one thread versus the execution time when running on an increasing number of threads.

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