Interfacce Grafiche e Programmazione ad Eventi (IGPE)



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Office 22/B, Centro di Calcolo ad Alte Prestazioni – Room LEDA
Reception hours Tuesday  12:00-14:00


  • Software Design: UML and documentation
  • JAVA: Objects, classes, interfaces, collections etc.
  • GUI: GUI design and coding in JAVA (AWT, SWING, JAVAFX)
  • Events: Asynchronous/event  programming
  • Introduction to threading in JAVA: JAVA threads

Books and suggested readings:

  • Core Java Volume I  (9th edition) - Cay S. Horstmann
  • Effective Java - Joshua Bloch
  • Java Concurrency In Practice - Brian Goetz

Class Notes:

Mind that this is material that I use as a set list during classes.

It is not a book.

Submit assignments via email to  with  subject: IGPE2017 - [ASSIGNMENT_TITLE] - NAME SURNAME

An example of the subject for the submission of Collision System Assignment:

IGPE2017 - Collision System Assignment - Davide Spataro

  1. Lesson 1.0
  2. Lesson 2.0
  3. Lesson 3.0 (X in LateX is pronounced as the Greek letter \chi)
  4. Lesson 4.0 (Streams and Functional Java)
  5. Java Reflection