Interfacce Grafiche e Programmazione ad Eventi (IGPE)



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Office 22/B, Centro di Calcolo ad Alte Prestazioni – Room LEDA
Reception hours Tuesday  12:00-14:00


  • Software Design: UML and documentation
  • JAVA: Objects, classes, interfaces, collections etc.
  • GUI: GUI design and coding in JAVA (AWT, SWING, JAVAFX)
  • Events: Asynchronous/event  programming
  • Introduction to threading in JAVA: JAVA threads

Books and suggested readings:

  • Core Java Volume I  (9th edition) - Cay S. Horstmann
  • Effective Java - Joshua Bloch
  • Java Concurrency In Practice - Brian Goetz

Class Notes:

Mind that this is material that I use as a set list during classes.

It is not a book.

Submit assignments via email to  with  subject: IGPE2017 - [ASSIGNMENT_TITLE] - NAME SURNAME

An example of the subject for the submission of Collision System Assignment:

IGPE2017 - Collision System Assignment - Davide Spataro

  1. Lesson 1.0
  2. Lesson 2.0
  3. Lesson 3.0 (X in LateX is pronounced as the Greek letter )
  4. Lesson 4.0 (Streams and Functional Java)
  5. Java Reflection